PASA - Pastel Artists of South Australia

PASA Artists Surprise Themselves Using Only Five Pastels

At our April meeting at Sturt, Liz Gartner challenged PASA members to paint a scene using only 5 pastels, one shade of red, one of blue, one of yellow and black and white on black paper. The lament of pastel artists is that no matter how many colours they have, they can often not find the right colour. Well that excuse was blown out of the water when they all took up the challenge put to them. Liz demonstrated using her chosen 5 pastels on black paper and then it was the members turn to have a go. As Liz pointed out tone is more important than colour. If you get that right then you will have a very readable painting. Members were pleasantly surprised at the little gems of paintings they achieved. So no more excuses that you don’t have enough pastels.


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