PASA - Pastel Artists of South Australia



Pastel Artists of South Australia - established 2001

Explore the Art of Pastel Painting and Drawing with PASA

BENEFITS of becoming a member of PASAalt

  • Demonstrations by invited award winning artists enabling members to observe and learn new skills and techniques
  • Learning sessions and the opportunity to discuss techniques with demonstrators and highly skilled artists from our own members
  • Critique sessions where constructive comments are shared with the group
  • Your personal copy of the Dusty Dialogue, the PASA newsletter published bi-monthly
  • A discount card for the purchase of art materials and picture framing from selected suppliers 
  • The opportunity to show your work at PASA exhibitions – two or three times a year
  • The opportunity to show your work in our website gallery
  • Access to our library of art books, DVDs, and magazines
  • Opportunities to paint with other members from time to time
  • Master Class Workshops and Plein air live-in camps tutored by Australian and International artists available at reasonable cost

How PASA Works

The society meets in the afternoon of the second Saturday of the month in Sturt (Marion). Meetings invariably feature an experienced demonstrator from our own ranks or a non-member artist who has agreed to share technical knowledge. By watching these demonstrations you gradually begin to understand the medium and the techniques. This allows you to use your pastels at home and to apply the new knowledge to your own artwork.

At these meetings you’ll have the opportunity to rub shoulders with and meet artists just like yourself or talk with highly skilled pastellists. The ambiance is super friendly and the afternoon teas are legendary.

Learn How to Paint and Draw with Pastels Without Going to Classes

Pastels are so beautifully immediate! You apply them directly onto the paper, mixing them then and there. Your paper surface is the palette. Could this be the main reason why we all love them?

Pastel Artists of South Australia (PASA) is an art society created specifically to promote and teach the versatility of the medium. Members come from the ranks of serious painters, hobby artists and complete beginners.

It’s fair to say that the majority of people who join PASA have some experience in other media such as oils, watercolour and acrylics. They join PASA to discover a new way to paint with a medium requiring skills not usually used with conventional painting techniques.

Pastel Painting & Drawing Classes Are Usually Not Available at Art Schools

Artists who want to learn to draw and paint with Pastels often have only one option and that is to teach themselves. However these days there is another option. By joining PASA you can learn everything you need to know about the art of using pastels. No classes are involved and you always progress at your own pace.

Master Class Workshops Unique to PASA

PASA is the only art society which regularly offers two day workshops, devoted entirely to pastel painting and drawing. Your tutors are our own members or visiting masters from interstate or overseas. Most other states in Australia have their own pastel society and visiting masters from overseas are often shared with other societies. The workshops are particularly useful for members who want to learn new techniques from world renowned artists. Tuition is personalised so that all attendees can expect to spend time with the tutor. PASA workshops are moderately priced so that no member is excluded.

Pastel Painting Has Been Around For Centuries

Pastel painting received a significant revival with the French Impressionists, notably Degas who started using pastel in 1869. Gauguin, Matisse, Renoir, and Toulouse-Lautrec all used the medium with great success. In Australia the leading exponents of pastel painting have conducted workshops for PASA. Maxwell Wilks, Grace Paleg, Ross Paterson, Stan Sperlak, Diane Rappisi and Regina Hona are some of the famous names who have worked side by side with PASA members at recent workshops.