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It was all happening on the day

February 13, 2018

Our largest attendance of 52 (no outsiders) were present for the packed agenda for the first Cooinda meeting for 2018:  annual reports, amended constitution, elections of new and continuing office holders, a floral farewell for the resigning President, a life membership award, a delicious plum cake, and, of course, a fantastic demonstration by one of our founding members and No 1 ticket holder, Bill Truslove.  Two pictures completed in 90 minutes - Bill has been painting for ' a while'.





Contemporary Does Not Mean Abstract

November 15, 2017

A larger than usual crowd gathered to watch this much anticipated Contemporary Painting demonstration by Roe Gartelmann. Roe’s subject was Boathouses in Balmain. By extending the construction lines of the buildings, Roe added interest to the composition highlighted by the bright colours.



Cathi Steer on portraits

October 16, 2017

First prize winner at the recent Stump Gallery exhibition by PASA, Cathi Steer, gave one of our largest audiences at the Cooinda meeting last Saturday, a brief glimpse into her take on portraiture.  Over 50 memebers watched as Cathi demonstrated how and explained why she takes more time to outline and add detail in a fine point pen before applying any pastel.  Look out for the next edition of the Dusty Dialogue for more details.



An American in Adelaide

October 8, 2017

Over a two-day workshop, well-known American pastelist, Diane Rappisi, took 15 members of PASA through the steps of creating brilliant portraits - without drawing!  Interesting.  Relying solely on shapes, both in the initial sketching stage and then while applying colour, Diane built up an arresting portrait of her subject.  The sketching stage was done on Canson paper which had been lightly covered with pastel and then rubbed down - this method took sketch after sketch after sketch which was simply rubbed out with a paper towel ready for the next sketch.  An excellent device for working out the composition and tonal values, whether it be still life, landscapes, portraits or whatever.


PASA Painting Donation to Sturt Palms Retirement Village.

October 6, 2017

Some of the PASA committee joined residents for morning tea at Sturt Palms Retirement Complex in Brighton on September 22nd to donate 5 wonderful paintings to them. The residents and staff were delighted with the paintings which were immediately hung on the walls. These paintings were just some of the beautiful artwork which resulted when PASA members joined together in a collaborative exercise at one of our meetings. Members each started on a painting and after 15 minutes moved to another painting to contribute to that painting until each person had contributed to each painting. 

Portraits by Megan Roodenrys

August 14, 2017

A hushed audience watched as co-owner of Duthy Street Art, Megan Roodenrys demonstrated how beautiful portraits are achieved with confidence and intuition, in pastel and oils.  "Trust yourself" says Megan and in a few short words explains how highlights can bring your portrait to life.  Working with a limited palette at the Coolinda meeting on Saturday 12 August, Megan added those vital tweaks to the portraits she had begun that morning.  Clearly, a knowledge of colour is required - practice, practice, practice!


Painting Animals - 4 ways

July 10, 2017

Four different artists demonstrated their unique styles at the Cooinda meeting last Saturday.  Lively, cute or pensive but all with attitude, these animals came to life on paper in a couple of hours.  Beginning with the eyes and working with soft pastels, pastel pencils, flicked with fingers or brushes, these artists took different approaches from dynamic to careful detail to construct their paintings.




the Colours, the Art, the Fun!

July 3, 2017

Participants at the Victor Harbor meeting on 1 July had a great time.  After the meeting, everybody started off drawing on a sheet of paper with pastels.  After 15 meetings, they moved on to the next painting started by someone else.  After each 10-15 minute, they moved on again until the paintings were considered finished.  This composite painting exercise is great for flexible minds and having fun.  The colourful results speak for themselves.



Proudly Pastel Exhibition at Gallery M Honoured by a visit from SA Governor

June 20, 2017

A large crowd attended the Opening by Hon John Hill of the Proudly Pastel Exhibition at Gallery M on Friday 9th June. What an excellent venue for this wonderful exhibition of 85 paintings by members of the Pastel Artists of South Australia. Such a variety of subjects and styles.We were also honoured this week to have a visit from South Australian Governor His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC who comment about this exhibition was "amazing art work".

Lyn Robins says it's your painting. You can do what you like with it.

May 16, 2017


One of PASA's favourite demonstrators entertained the group again last Saturday with her irreverent comments on breaking the rules of painting and design. Lyn doesn't believe in rules and says to do what works best for you in your painting.She does however follow a pattern for many of her paintings by doing thumbnail sketches and taking photos to suit her subject. Then she will often change the image to suit her plan, e.g. lowering or raising the horizon or moving trees around to create a more pleasing picture. On this occasion Lyn demonstrated a seascape using acrylic paints.

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