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PASA Artists Surprise Themselves Using Only Five Pastels

At our April meeting at Sturt, Liz Gartner challenged PASA members to paint a scene using only 5 pastels, one shade of red, one of blue, one of yellow and black and white on black paper. The lament of pastel artists is that no matter how many colours they have, they can often not find the right colour. Well that excuse was blown out of the water when they all took up the challenge put to them. Liz demonstrated using her chosen 5 pastels on black paper and then it was the members turn to have a go. As Liz pointed out tone is more important than colour. If you get that right then you will have a very readable painting. Members were pleasantly surprised at the little gems of paintings they achieved. So no more excuses that you don’t have enough pastels.


Great PASA Gathering at Gawler

A very successful inaugural PASA meeting at Gawler was held on Thursday March 14th with over 30 people attending from many places north of Adelaide. It was fitting that PASA Founding Member Bill Truslove was the demonstrator. He delighted the audience with his two paintings. One was a painting of the Flinders Ranges and the other a beautiful seascape. PASA is delighted to welcome 10 new members who joined on the day. Many more are keen to join. 


Pop-up Exhibition at Glenelg

Don't worry if you have spent all your spare cash on Xmas presents; all these 8x10 paintings, unframed, are only $90 each.  Then you can save up for the framing, on which some of our supporters are offering 10% off on these paintings only.  There are landscapes, urban scapes, animals, and a variety of other subjects; there are professional and emerging artists; all wrapped up and ready to take home.  Even while we were setting up, we sold 4 paintings but there are many more!  It begins today and the grand opening is Friday night at 6pm - and it should be cooler than the predicted 39 degs at the beach.  Hope to see you all there.




                                                 All done!                                                              


It's On Again!

Remember 2016?  When we held a pop-up exhibition on Jetty Road, Glenelg?  Well, it's on again!  And this time, the paintings, all 6 x 8 inches, are ready for your personal framing preferences.  And, all at the one price of $90 each.  All welcome to the Opening Night.



Painting to Music

Sounds wacky but turned out to be a lot of fun and the participants who came to the Cooinda meeting yesterday surprised themselves.  Diane O'Brien led the group as she played a song from 1982, I Bless the Rain in Africa.  After a brief insight into the meaning of the lyrics, we were encouraged to use our imagination.  This is only a small sample of what we came up with:

Victor Harbor Come and Try

On Saturday 6 October at 1.30pm. PASA in Victor Harbor will be hosting a Come and Try Pastels.  A selection of pastels and paper will be provided to all visitors to try their hand at making art with pastels guided by an experienced artist, Roe Gartelmann.  Cost: $5 for a home-baked afternoon tea.  We have recently decorated the long glass cabinet at the VH Library with a range of pastels, books, papers, and a small sample of a paintings - you will be surprised at what can be achieved!  Check it out and then come and visit us on the first Saturday in October.  Children over the age of 12 and keen on art may also be interested at trying their hand.


Karol Oakley en plein air Workshop

Some lucky PASA members recently enjoyed a fabulous 2 days workshop with Master Pastelist Karol Oakley at Cherry Gardens in the Adelaide Hills. Painting "en plein air" was a new experience for some. The weather was perfect which add to the pleasure of being in the fresh air and landscape.

Brooke Walker

In April, Cooinda was excited to have another presentation by Brooke Walker, a renowned artist whose favourite topic is all manner of animals.  Using pan pastel this time, Brooke provided the captivated audience with her techniques of how to bring birds to life.


Catch up on all recent activities

The new year has begun with a bang!  Rod Bathgate held a two day workshop on seascapes and members can read all the amazing details of how to paint the vagaries of our beaches on the coming Dusty Dialogue.

The Suzie Riley had a captivation demonstration at the Victor Harbor meeting on painting landscapes while Lyle Dayman held a demo/workshop at the Cooinda meeting on painting small images - in rapid quick time!



Finally, four large and colourful paintings completed by the Victor Harbor 'Paint Together' workshop held last year were donated to the Ross Robertson Aged Care Facility in Victor Harbour.  By the community for the community.


It was all happening on the day

Our largest attendance of 52 (no outsiders) were present for the packed agenda for the first Cooinda meeting for 2018:  annual reports, amended constitution, elections of new and continuing office holders, a floral farewell for the resigning President, a life membership award, a delicious plum cake, and, of course, a fantastic demonstration by one of our founding members and No 1 ticket holder, Bill Truslove.  Two pictures completed in 90 minutes - Bill has been painting for ' a while'.





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