PASA - Pastel Artists of South Australia

Gallery of Pastel Artworks by some of our PASA Members

PASA hopes that you will enjoy seeing a few pastel artworks by those of our members
who wish to share their artworks on our website, in this gallery. 

This portion of our website is currently under construction,
being edited to add artists and artworks as the information comes to hand.
Thank you for looking, please keep checking back.

B Bowman, Kathy        
  Bromham, Robyn        
C Chalmers, David        
  Chamberlain, Lynn        
  Coventry, Carol        
  Crider, Jillian        
D Dayman, Lyle        
  Dowler, Cynthia        
F Farrimond, Deb        
G Gartelmann, Roe        
H Hansberry, Jill        
  Heneker, Jann        
  Hedges, Patrick        
  Hockey, Jennifer A.        
  Hocking, Kerryn        
  Hudson, Karan        
  Humble, Janette        
J Jeanes, Fay        
  Jorgensen, Lesley        
M Mangin, Shirley        
  Mayr, Meredith        
  McEntee, Margaret        
  Muzzatti, Roma        
N Noble, Di        
O O'Brien, Diane        
P Parker, Glenda        
  Piercy, Isabel        
R Rozenbilds, Ute        
S Stewart,Rob        
T Truslove, Bill        
W Washington, Elaine        
  Webb, Jodie        
  Wharton, Connie        
   ♦ Williams, Pat