PASA - Pastel Artists of South Australia

Catherine Hamilton Workshop

Catherine Hamilton, a Melbourne artist, carefully spreads black printing ink over a piece of perspex with a rubber roller, then picks out the outline of her picture, adding texture by removing all or part of the ink.  She then places a dampened piece of smooth paper over the perspex and firmly rolling again (with a clean roller) on the back of the paper.  And voila!  A print is made.  Moving into production mode, Catherine makes a second or 'ghost' print, and then another, and then another.  One technique. 

Place a drawing under the perspex, mark out the outline and highlights of the drawing, apply a piece of paper and firmly roll.  Another technique.  Paint over the drawing on the perspex with gouache before repeating the process.  All these provide a "body of work" from which the artist can make a series of paintings with water-based acrylic inks,  charcoal or pastels.  It was a fast-paced two days and everybody went home with sheets of paper to which they can apply their imagination.

More details in the next issue of the Dusty Dialogue to PASA members



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